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What we offer

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Facing marketing challenges?

No high-quality leads from your website.

No channels to attract your customers.

Can't find subcontractors with full understanding of your products and fields.

Our solutions

Powerful content to reach your targets

Powerful content to reach your targets

If your website has yet to see qualified leads, its content probably doesn't match the demands of your targets or their stages on the purchasing funnel.

SE Design takes the time to recognize your products and analyze your targets to propose deliverables for you to efficiently get leads with higher conversions.

Planning, building, and maintaining optimal channels

Planning, building, and maintaining optimal channels

SE Design plans and builds impactful and engaging channels tailored to your needs and goals; from coordinating and developing earned, paid, and owned media to omni-channel marketing that synchronizes your online and offline stores.

We also collect and analyze a variety of data accumulated through channels to pinpoint the purchasing motivations of targets. Our personalized content increases the purchasing intent of your customers so you can make successful approaches to close transactions with perfect timing.

A dedicated team of directors with X-Tech expertise

A dedicated team of directors with X-Tech expertise

The concept of X-Tech (cross-tech) refers to a world of innovative business models, advanced products, and amalgamated industries. In this world, you need expert insights that span technology, business, and marketing to execute an effective marketing strategy.

We are content marketing professionals with X-Tech expertise.

A total range of services from strategic designing to closing

In the digital transformation era, successful marketing needs project management skills to control all processes and respond dynamically to change; from strategic planning, infrastructure development, content creation, data analysis and evaluation for improved content, to customer management and sales support.

SE Design professionals with a wealth of knowledge in all areas of content marketing will make your project a success.

Design and strategy

Our director of your project will meet with you to analyze your market from multiple angles. We will work backwards from your goals to prepare a marketing strategy, which includes designing powerful content and channels that reach your targets.

What we offer

  1. Defining strategies
  2. Planning content
  3. Designing channels
What we offer

Building marketing channels

SE Design creates your environment for successful marketing strategies. We get you leads with the best owned media, establish and operate optimal tools, and apply and manage acquired data.

What we offer

  1. Designing websites and deploying CMS
  2. Developing lead-generating/nurturing platforms
  3. Integrating HubSpot
  4. Aggregating and managing customer data (CRM)
  5. Developing Sales Force Automation (SFA) platforms
  6. Setting up digital dashboards
What we offer

Creating and developing media content

We use knowledge gained in the publishing industry to create effective content and websites with greater UX. We also support you with manuals and frameworks that enable you to manage content on your own.

What we offer

  1. Creating owned media
  2. Designing websites
  3. Establishing content management frameworks and processes
  4. Writing guidelines and manuals
What we offer

Planning and enhancing content

We are experts at creating and designing website content, offers, seminars/webinars, catalogs/brochures, advertising assets, as well as reports. We also customize content flexibly based on audience feedback.

What we offer

  1. Blog articles
  2. Case studies
  3. White papers and eBooks
  4. Online seminar (webinar) management
  5. Product catalogs/brochures
  6. Advertising management, creation of advertising assets (landing pages, email magazines, banners)
  7. ROI reporting, refining website content
What we offer

Sales enhancement

SE Design clients especially appreciate our broader range of services. We create pipelines, produce sales content, and help you introduce and operate the sales tools you need to generate leads and close sales.

What we offer

  1. Building your marketing pipeline
  2. Producing sales content
  3. Supporting online sales
What we offer

Brand localization

Localizing your content is an important first step for global companies to expand your brand in the Japanese market. However, because Japanese sentences can be complicated and ambiguous, success in the Japanese market requires more than just translation.

SE Design has supported global IT companies for over 30 years. As an expert in transcreation, we leverage our knowledge to edit translated text into expressions optimized for your target audiences. We also localize various brand elements such as UI and UX to deliver your message accurately and naturally.