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Maximize results with strategies tailored to your goals
Content marketing that guides x-tech (cross technology) companies to where they should be going

X-tech—which includes fintech, martech, and numerous other industry-disrupting technologies—will define the digital transformation era. Many players are preparing x-tech initiatives, and market observers are forecasting intense competition in the area. Success will require unique technology, original business models, and marketing strategies that provide competitive advantages.

SE Design is an x-tech content marketing specialist with over 30 years of experience working with global IT companies and creative skills honed in the publishing industry.

How our content marketing guides you to where you should be going

Many companies fail to attract customers or prospective customers and miss their goals because their content marketing approach is too focused on page views and online search traffic.

Elite content marketing means working backwards from a goal: from sales negotiations to closing business deals. After taking the time to understand your business model and helping you set the right goals, SE Design creates content optimized to the inbound routes and purchasing stages of your targets, evaluating and improving our marketing proposals along the way.

By working backwards from your goals, our content marketing guides you to where you should be going.

Content strategies through working backwards

Rather than just implementing an SEO strategy to increase the page views of your website, SE Design works backwards from your goals to design content that reaches your targets.
We propose content strategies that not only improve your organic search results but also capture customers and prospective customers from other touchpoints.

Content driving purchasing behavior

We have a wealth of experience in creating content to gain and nurture leads, including owned media, eBooks, white papers, case studies, emails, and webinars.
Our expert use of data from analyzing marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) drives the purchasing behavior of your targets.

In-depth tech knowledge backed by over 30 years of experience in the IT field

Creating content that supports the marketing and sales activities of x-tech companies requires an acute understanding of technology and the ability to analyze and explain innovative business models.
Because our parent company is a tech publisher, we have unique strengths to create high-quality content optimized for x-tech.

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