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About Us

Who we are | SE Design

Our 30 years of knowledge and experience as a marketing partner of major global businesses

SE Design has supported the marketing efforts of many tech enterprises—including Microsoft Japan and SAP—since PCs gained popularity in the 1980s. We leverage the knowledge of our predecessor Shoeisha, a publisher specializing in IT and marketing media, to deliver expert content creation and editing skills honed in the publishing industry.

Based on this experience and talent, our marketing knowledge, skills, and networks to solve business challenges, we deliver a comprehensive range of online and offline media strategies to support your marketing initiatives.

Dedicated teams to solve your challenges

SE Design has dedicated teams in place to assist you—a Sales Support Team to offer direct advice and a Production Support Team to plan, create, and market your content.

Because these dedicated teams understand your unique challenges and needs, they propose plans and ideas to solve your issues, then bring your goals to fruition with our extensive partner network.

We offer and support powerful B2C and B2B marketing plans.

As the objectives of marketing promotions are different between B2C and B2B, so the actions required to put your strategies to work vary respectively.

We propose the best marketing measures and tools for you and your targets based on our proven track record in producing printed materials and web content, promotions, and event management in both B2B and B2C fields.

For X-Tech (Cross-Technology) Marketing
SE Design is committed to the growth of X-tech market with responsive marketing approaches


The ultimate goal of the entire marketing industry in the post-COVID era should be to create an "information society" in the truest sense of the phrase. Although the term informatization has become more familiar as technology has evolved over the past 50 years, Japan's use of informatization to only pursue work efficiency indicates a superficial understanding of the word.

Genuine informatization makes information technology effective by using it to identify problems in business models and present groundbreaking solutions. Today’s digital transformation fulfills the original intent of informatization by maximizing the effectiveness of information technology in an open data climate.

Since the dawn of PC civilization in Japan, SE Design has been working with enterprises such as Microsoft Japan and the Japanese arms of other global IT companies driving the worldwide market. Using our expert knowledge of the Japanese market, we have planned, produced content for, and managed corporate branding, marketing, seminars and events for these companies based on their marketing and communication strategies.

However, the IT business landscape around the Internet has changed over the years and is now expanding with a few platform-based giants dominating the global market.

New businesses are being rebuilt in all verticals, which will fundamentally reshape marketing ideologies from sales floors to boardrooms. The popularity of webinars is one example of changes in marketing mindsets, but the cross-tech era would demand more structural disruption.

Our focus is on reforming frameworks needed as the online environment—which was once a feeder in the business process—becomes the definitive playing field for communication and decision-making.

For example, marketing departments, once positioned to support sales, are now much more closely involved in final decision making for customers through activities such as inside sales. Face-to-face sales will be limited to the final step of the sales process or the entire process will be completed online, so marketing automation (MA) is a must in ensuring online marketing.

The structural disruption enabled by digital transformation in marketing will be the key to business sustainability in the future. We therefore aim to support companies in emerging cross-tech business environments with our proven ability to bring the marketing solutions to life.

We support our partners by developing new marketing measures based on the true meaning of informatization. Keeping our eyes on the future, SE Design is delivering marketing solutions to visionary cross-tech companies adapting to the changing environments in the hope of further growth of the industry and ourselves as well.

Company Information

Company Name SE Design Co., Ltd.
Address SE Funamachi Building, 5 Funamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0006
Established October 2, 2006
Capital 30 million yen
Number of Employees 30 (as of October, 2020)
Executives Koichi Shinozaki, President and CEO
Koji Hayami, Director
Shunichi Sata, Director
Mikio Sasaki, Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Business Description
  • Design
    Providing the following services to IT companies.
  • Designing and creating materials to accompany products
  • Product marketing and promotion services
  • User support services (mainly technical users)
  • Corporate PR/IR support services
Major Clients
  • Canon
  • EMC Japan
  • Microsoft Japan
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Oracle Corporation Japan
  • SAP Japan
  • Schneider Electric
  • Trend Micro
  • VMware
  • Others


SE Funamachi Building, 5 Funamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0006

  • Five minutes' walk from Exit 4 of Yotsuya-Sanchome Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
  • Seven minutes' walk from Exit A1 of Akebonobashi Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line

About the SE H&I Group

The SE H&I Group is involved in businesses such as media, publishing, marketing, system development, and human resources.

Companies in the SE H&I Group

  • Shoeisha Co., Ltd.

    • Publishing
    • Events
    • Media management
    MarkeZine CodeZine
  • SE Mobile and Online Co., Ltd.

    • Mobile solutions development
    • Game development
    • System development
  • SE Design Co., Ltd.

    • Marketing agency
    • Media management
  • Game Goose Co., Ltd.

    • Arcades and amusement
  • SE plus Co., Ltd.

    • Temporary staffing/recruitment
    • HR trainer services
  • Shoeisha Academy Co., Ltd.

    • Educational services, such as planning, creating, selling, and publishing teaching materials for electrical engineering students
    • Events
  • SE Holdings and Incubations Co., Ltd.

    SE Design is a member of the SE Holdings and Incubations Group. The SE H&I Group is a passionate incubator working across five strategic investment fields centered on IT.

  • Shoeisha Co., Ltd.

    Shoeisha delivers high-quality content through books and magazines, seminars and events, and various web-based media in the categories of technology, education, personal computing, and business & culture.

  • SE Mobile and Online Co., Ltd.

    As one of the first companies to enter the mobile advertising market, SE Mobile and Online delivers a wide range of solutions in the mobile field, including development and management of mobile content. The company also develops software for next-gen gaming devices and conducts business related to online gaming.

  • Game Goose Co., Ltd.

    Game Goose arcades are widely known for their use of information technology. Located around the Tokyo metropolitan area, these fresh entertainment venues offer the latest online games.

  • SE plus Co., Ltd.

    SE plus provides comprehensive human resources services based on the policy of "two heads can examine a job much better than one." SE plus is expanding its business through unique initiatives for IT engineers, including job matching, temporary staffing services with pre-training, and management of blog-based recruitment sites.

  • Shoeisha Academy Co., Ltd.

    Shoeisha Academy offers correspondence courses helping students to gain qualifications as licensed electricians. These courses prepare students to become Qualified Electrical Engineers (class I, II, and III)—obtaining a highly sought-after national qualification with strict passing criteria—or electricians for specific areas, such as buildings, factories, houses, or small stores. Shoeisha Academy's effective learning methods illustrate key points through excellent teaching materials, exam support staff, and experienced instructors.