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Building lead-generation and nurturing platforms

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Gaining and nurturing new leads with content and technology

In marketing speak, lead generation and lead nurturing mean gaining and developing leads respectively.

The key to these processes is content: eBooks, white papers, catalogs, and other material that appeals to your users. You can also develop leads for higher purchase probability by identifying the causes of lead loss and regularly proposing solutions through webinars and emails.

SE Design provides total support for your efforts to gain and nurture leads using our many years of experience. We leverage marketing automation (MA) and other technologies to optimize processes and build platforms for creating and delivering irresistible content to your users.

Facing marketing challenges?

Insufficient lead generation fails to drive your business growth.

Your websites or blogs get less attention than expected.

You want to create owned media, but don't know where to begin.

You need to optimize and streamline approaches to leads and offload the burden on marketers.

Our solutions

  • Better customer insights
    Customer insights, which refer to the psychology underlying consumer behavior, are essential for marketing. The most important part of getting leads is to discover what challenges your target personas are pursuing and the information they need.

    We provide pinpoint customer insights and improve marketing accuracy by building tight relationships with your sales reps and learning from their insights and knowledge.
  • Supporting you with content addressing the challenges on lead generation
    SE Design identifies what your prospective customers want, then helps you to start creating content; this could be eBooks on market trends, products, or services in the industries of your leads.

    We also recommend you to create free document templates and service tools that your leads would find useful. These types of measures attract customers by creating content that addresses and solves their challenges.
  • Leveraging marketing and sales technology
    Acquiring leads is meaningless unless you make approaches to them and turn into business; if your approach isn't good enough, you’ll lose the opportunity for conversion. However, your sales reps probably don't have the time to approach all highly-probable leads.

    SE Design provides comprehensive proposals to show you how to leverage technologies such as marketing automation so you can effectively approach your leads.

Service features

Unifying all processes, from generating leads to nurturing them

Unifying all processes, from generating leads to nurturing them

SE Design builds lead-generating and nurturing platforms for centrally managing marketing and sales activities with a variety of interlinked technologies.

All your departments can seamlessly share information across your organization, preventing the conflicts that often arise between marketing and sales divisions.

Using technology to eliminate communicative barriers in your organization

Using technology to eliminate communicative barriers in your organization

Gaining and nurturing leads requires a range of measures and tools. However, having different people in charge of each of these processes is inefficient.

By using technology to connect the policies and functions required for marketing and sales, SE Design enhances your business while keeping your entire organization aligned. We can easily integrate new technologies with your existing systems and services, so you'll be using them effortlessly in no time.

Our advantages

Professional support for implementing and operating mar-tech, sales-tech

Professional support for implementing and operating mar-tech, sales-tech

We identify the best marketing and sales technology for your company—including the cutting-edge solutions of our partner HubSpot—then propose plans for integration and use so that you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

In addition to helping you integrate and use each tool, we also support you in taking full advantage of the technology, including maintaining and improving marketing assets.

Close support for all content creation processes

Close support for all content creation processes

We can take care of everything: from figuring out personas and designing customer journeys that guide content creation, to writing, designing and coding websites, desktop publishing, and more.

In addition, because of our wealth of experience in supporting the marketing efforts of global companies, we translate and produce the right content to convey the appeal of your products and services to your target audiences.

Building and maintaining the best channels for your content

Building and maintaining the best channels for your content

Although content is important in marketing, it might as well not exist unless it reaches your target audience.

SE Design helps you to design and maintain channels to get your content to more readers. We maximize the effectiveness of your content by designing channels tailored to your offerings and target audiences.

SE Design’s unique lead-generating and nurturing platforms

  • A wealth of B2B marketing expertise
    SE Design is your one-stop shop to support both online and offline media by leveraging over 30 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales support in the IT field.

    With our certain knowledge as a HubSpot certified partner, we help you integrate and maintain initiatives that grow your business.
  • Content editing skills developed in the publishing industry
    We create high-quality content using editing skills developed at our predecessor, Shoeisha, a publishing company.

    Captivate your users with attractive content backed by years of experience in editing case studies and localizing marketing creatives for major global companies.
  • Strategic insights into IT solutions
    We help you solve your IT challenges by taking advantage of our many years of experience in website creation, blog writing, social media, and search advertising.

    We also provide traditional media services tailored to your marketing strategy, such as catalogs and brochures, direct mail marketing, organizing events, and operating support desk.