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Integrating HubSpot

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A customer discovery and attraction platform; more than 86K companies rely on worldwide

The era of company-centric sales and marketing is over. To grow your business, your sales and marketing approaches must reflect exactly what your customers want.

HubSpot has all the features you need to grow your business and you can do it all with just one account.

Facing marketing challenges?

To build strong relationships with customers through full understanding of their needs.

No sign of increase in prospective business deals from web advertising and outbound sales.

To visualize the outcomes of sales activities for effective use in future promotions.

HubSpot is your solution

  • 「HubSpot CRM」
    Consolidate and manage the actions you take for each customer to share progress with all members of your team

    HubSpot CRM software allows you to manage the actions on a customer basis, share the progress across all departments, and grow your business in the optimal manner. With HubSpot CRM, you gain a deeper understanding in customer needs and build stronger relationships.

    HubSpot visualizes contact and transaction management so you can see all the actions that your team members are taking. You can also aggregate a customer’s entire history into a timeline and interact with leads and customers in real time.
  • 「HubSpot Marketing Hub」
    Inbound marketing to attract potential customers and visualize the ROI of your marketing efforts

    Marketing Hub is especially useful for expanding your business with inbound marketing. Boost the ROI of your marketing efforts by motivating customers to buy your products and services.

    Marketing Hub is a centralized marketing management platform with marketing automation functions and contact analytics tools to analyze your leads.
  • 「HubSpot Sales Hub」
    View the sales activities of individuals or teams, and forecast their results and performance

    Sales Hub shows everything your sales team has been doing and visualizes sales and negotiations pipelines. It improves productivity in sales workflows by streamlining routine tasks such as sharing materials, tracking leads, quoting, and adjusting meeting schedules.

    In addition, the reporting function in Sales Hub shows the performance of each member of your sales team and forecasts their results, so the tool helps your team nurturing and better customer follow up.
  • 「HubSpot CMS Hub」
    Website personalization for each visitor, device-based optimization

    To generate leads or gain business opportunities, you must tailor your marketing approach to the needs and histories of prospective customers, rather than delivering the same content to everyone. CMS Hub allows you to personalize your website to deliver compelling content matching the interests of your visitors and optimized for all devices.

    Because CMS Hub has an extensive range of website themes and drag-and-drop editing functions, even new marketers can operate the tool intuitively and update websites without help of engineers.

    HubSpot CMS also runs alongside HubSpot's free CRM tool in real time, synchronizing customer behavior logs between CMS and CRM to use in sales and marketing activities.

HubSpot Features

Centralized processes for seamless coordination between departments

Centralized processes for seamless coordination between departments

With HubSpot, you can centrally manage and visualize your sales and marketing activities across organization. Every team can act in a coordinated manner to grow your business and increase company profits. HubSpot streamlines and automates your business while solving the challenges especially marketing and sales departments are tackling.

You'll never miss another business opportunity because HubSpot enables your departments to better work together to gain and nurture leads, follow up with new and existing customers, and plenty more.

All-in-one management and optimization of customer touchpoints

All-in-one management and optimization of customer touchpoints

A swathe of technologies—such as customer relationship management, marketing automation, content management systems, and sales force automation—are emerging to help with the enormous range of measures required for sales and marketing activities. However, businesses often end up with many standalone tools for different jobs, which damages efficiency.

HubSpot has all the functions you need for marketing and sales teams. Each function is interlinked, allowing you to grow your business while keeping your departments and policies aligned. And because HubSpot also works with over 500 other systems, you can customize it to the sales and marketing platform of your choice.

Roll out your business for actual needs

Roll out your business for actual needs

If your sales and marketing departments aren't aligned, you won’t find the true needs of your customers. To roll out your business that meets customer needs, all customer-facing teams must work together to learn what your customers really want, share information, manage customers, and measure outcomes.

HubSpot is particularly effective in inbound marketing and enables you to intensify the appeal of your products and services, identifying the customer needs that traditional outbound marketing cannot.

Advantages of our HubSpot integration support

Integrate and operate HubSpot with maximum cost effectiveness

Integrate and operate HubSpot with maximum cost effectiveness

Besides supporting you to integrate and operate HubSpot, we offer plans to help you achieve your marketing and sales KGI/KPI.

SE Design maximizes the cost-effectiveness of HubSpot and contributes to your KGI/KPI goals with planning from all aspects of marketing, such as creating, maintaining media content.

Comprehensive support covering all phases

Comprehensive support covering all phases

SE Design doesn't just create content—we work with you to design your content strategy, which includes planning personas and customer journeys to guide you. We support you in all areas to get your sales and marketing strategy run smoother.

Our service also helps you succeed in the Japanese market with natural content localization conveying the appeal of your products and services to Japanese users.

Support from a HubSpot team tailored to your company

Support from a HubSpot team tailored to your company

To get the most out of HubSpot, you must consistently evaluate and improve your KGI/KPI measures.

A dedicated team of HubSpot experts with field-specific knowledge leads you to establish HubSpot in your company for making your sales and marketing activities a success.

Why SE Design?
Comprehensive marketing support with HubSpot

  • Extensive B2B marketing knowledge and achievements
    SE Design is a one-stop shop offering exhaustive assistance in both online and offline media using over 30 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales support in the IT field.

    With our certain knowledge as a HubSpot certified partner, we help you integrate and use HubSpot to grow your business.
  • High-quality content editing
    We create high-quality content using editing skills developed at our predecessor, Shoeisha, a publishing company.

    Support your content strategy and captivate your users with attractive content backed by years of experience in creating case studies and marketing creatives for major global companies.
  • Extensive expertise in IT and marketing
    Solve your IT challenges by taking advantage of our many years of experience in website creation, blog writing, social media, and search advertising.

    We also provide traditional media services tailored to your marketing strategy, such as catalogs and brochures, direct mail marketing, organizing events, and operating support desk.