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Online seminar/webinar management

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Online seminars delivering substantial benefits to both participants and organizers

If operated effectively, online seminars can be an inexpensive visually appealing method of promoting your brand, products, and services.

Successful online seminars require careful preparation. With SE Design, you receive outstanding support for online seminars based on our expertise and proven track record in IT, marketing, and content creation.

Facing marketing challenges?

Already generated enough leads offline, but helpless in attracting customers online.

No tips on how to hold online seminars in your own way.

Can't find a reliable partner with end-to-end knowledge of marketing as well as content creation.

Need comprehensive advice in video editing, content distribution, and maintenance.

Our solutions

  • Optimizing video content through meticulous design
    Optimized video content with integral design involves planning and examining the means of distribution, screen view rendering, and timescaling from various aspects.

    We design messages and content optimized for the characteristics of online seminars and tailored to your business.
  • Selecting the best delivery platform
    With YouTube, Zoom, and so many other delivery platforms to choose from, you might find it difficult to decide which is best for you.

    We propose the right delivery option based on our familiarity with the features of each platform.
  • Comprehensive support in delivering online seminars
    Achieving your marketing goals through video delivery takes more than just making a video—it's a comprehensive process that includes post-delivery operations and measuring results. Relying on different partners for video content, marketing, and IT support turns into a mess, making it difficult to achieve your objectives.

    With SE Design, you can expect expert advice and one-stop support for everything necessary to hold online seminars.

The best plans for your business

Plan 1

Starter plan

Starter plan

For customers new to online seminar hosting or those who need knowledge to create and deliver video content using internal resources. Our online seminar experts provide training to support your first steps.

Plan 2

Small seminars

Small seminars

Support for delivering simple webinars. You can use an external camera and connect mics and other audio equipment to a mixer for high-quality video and sound delivery. Suitable for online seminars presenting products and services.

Plan 3

Medium-sized seminars

Medium-sized seminars

Support for delivering high-quality live webinars using a video switcher for direction. Suitable for presentations such as panel discussions and talk shows with about 100 to 500 viewers. Recommended for our clients who want to thoroughly prepare before delivery.

Plan 4

Large seminars

Large seminars

For live streaming from a studio or event venue. Remote participants can appear on screen, enabling TV program-style productions. Exhaustive support for large-scale productions with over 1,000 viewers.

Our advantages

Webinars - redefining traditional marketing activities

Webinars - redefining traditional marketing activities

You can transform traditional marketing activities such as events and seminars into dynamic marketing activities to connect you to new customers (rural users, leads considering your services, etc.).

We help you organize the information that your customers need and communicate it clearly to increase your brand and product awareness.

One-stop support from experts

One-stop support from experts

When holding an online seminar, some of the partners you work with (such as video production and events companies) might not understand exactly what you want to convey. Online seminars also require marketing knowledge. Without this knowledge, you might not get the results you want.

We provide one-stop support for webinars, from video production to event management, online delivery, customer attraction, and marketing. We propose the measures you need at the right timing, so you'll never miss a business opportunity.

SE Design’s unique expert online seminar management

  • A wealth of B2B marketing expertise
    SE Design is your one-stop shop to support both online and offline media by leveraging over 30 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales support in the IT field.

    We propose the best plans for you based on our expert knowledge in content creation, IT, and marketing.
  • Content editing skills developed in the publishing industry
    We create high-quality content using editing skills developed at our predecessor, Shoeisha, a publishing company.

    Captivate your users with attractive content backed by years of experience in editing case studies and localizing marketing creatives for major global companies.
  • Strategic insights into IT solutions
    We help you solve your IT challenges by taking advantage of our many years of experience in website creation, blog writing, social media, and search advertising.

    We also provide traditional media services tailored to your marketing strategy, such as catalogs and brochures, direct mail marketing, organizing events, and operating support desk.